KAMA - ACK St. Luke's Makupa Parish

Kenya Anglican Men Association (KAMA) is an association for men in the Anglican Church of Kenya that was formed with a view of bringing all Anglican men together into a living personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ in a manner that would enable grow and live in totality

There are 10 aims and objectives of KAMA as follows:-

  • To promote God’s kingdom and to set forth His glory
  • To help its members to grow in spirit, mind and body, and be nature in faith for every good work
  • To encourage members to play an active role in the mission of the Church
  • To encourage Christian principals in national, civic and community life
  • To encourage members to undertake acts of Christian service for the distressed, disadvantaged and the disabled
  • To encourage members to use the gifts God has given them as a steward of God’s varied place
  • To encourage members to use their resources in supporting the work of the church at all levels
  • To encourage Anglican lay men and women to play positive roles in political, social and economic life of the nation
  • To honour the institution of marriage as ordained by God and to promote Christian family values
  • To promote Christian fellowship, love and unity in the church and society and promote spiritual enthusiasm among members

Our Vision
Our vision is to bring all men in fraternity into a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ through service, praising, worshiping and exalting God for making us what we are today.
Our Mission
Our mission is to reach out to and embrace one another in Christian fellowship and offer selfless service to mankind for God’s name to be glorified.